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Which Is The Best Hair Transplant Surgery and Why FUT Or FUE

An overview of the hair transplant process:

If you have baldness, it is very strenuous to develop new hairs on your scalp. But it is now feasible, and it is possible in a very convenient way. It’s even happening in your town frequently! Yes, Kolkata is making a name for itself in the field of hair transplantation. Hair transplants are very popular in Kolkata these days. You can perceive many goods in the reputation hair transplant clinic that offers all types of action regarding the hair relocation process. 

Due to the help of this advanced hair treatment procedure, one can get a fresh look with the aid of modern technology and the use of the most up-to-date equipment. But hair transplantation is included with many divergent methods or techniques. The main program under the concerned treatment is to find healthy hair particles from the body’s hair dense region and implant them in the bald zone of the surface of the head. Here in this segment of the discussion, we will discuss the most familiar and customary aspects of the treatment.

How Many Different Hair Transplants Are There?

If you desire to get rid of the bald scalp you face for a long time, then a hair transplant is the most dominant scheme. Nowadays all the apparent hair transplant clinic Kolkata offers the both latest versions of the hair relocation program. These are:-

  • FUT- Follicular United Transplantation.
  • FUE- Follicular United Extraction.

Both of these approaches work to restore fuller, more natural-looking hair. The patient cannot choose without consulting with the expert because the expert has to keep in mind many prongs while choosing the procedure. Further discussion will assist you in understanding what would be the foremost hair restoration course for you.

An overview on FUT:-

The Follicular United Transplantation is a technical method of hair relocation to cover up the bald zone of the scalp. The concerned process has a supplemental name- ‘stripe procedure of hair transplantation. A group of one to four hairs are called the follicular unit. These hairs are collected from the concentrated region of hair from the concerned person’s body. After that, they are planted in the grafted area of the hairless part of the scalp of that person.

An overview on FUE:

This process is not that much in demand than that of the previous plan of action possesses. However, this process has some relevant importance in the aspects of the hair transplantation stream. If the expert feels its necessity, he or she might prescribe the concerned method of the hair restoration procedure. Specific hair roots are extracted from your skin and implanted elsewhere on your body during FUE hair transplants. The hair in the new region would appear thicker as a result of this.

The course of Action for the FUT:-

  • The expert handling the process will collect a clean out of your skin from the rear zone of the head surface. The incision would belong in few inches.
  • After that, the expert will make discrete the gapped zone of the head surface into two divisions.
  • And now the expert wills stitch up the previously made incision zone.

The course of Action for the FUE :-

The expert will collect individual hairs by their follicles from the dense area in the concerned process despite containing the skin strip. The expert will surely use some sharp utensil like a blade or needle on that portion of the scalp where the process will take place. This step is necessary to signify the active area of the head surface. In this process, the expert will transplant several hair roots in a single plenary. The expert will require some gauze, bandage, and graft as the closure of the concerned treatment procedure. And these will remain for a while or a couple of days after the entire surgical process is done with success.

FUT’s benefits include:

  • The concerned procedure is a consummate alternative for those who need several grafts.
  • The concerned process provides the utmost completeness.
  • After proceeding with this process, one can long the hair that much he or she wants to have. And due to this reason, the scar will be hidden.
  • The course of action takes very few periods to complete. The process can take more or less four to twelve hours, depending on the amount of hair relocated hair. On the other hand, the different process takes a greater period to complete. In that case, you need to invest at least a whole day in it.
  • The concerned plan of action for the hair relocation idea will cost lesser than the other process.

FUE’s benefits include:

  • This process can seem more feasible because it will leave no such additive scar on the operated area. But there may be some dots after the procedure of the treatment. However, it will be hard to see them by the common vision. So the person will be able to get back into public life very shortly.
  • So here long is not the only option. Because of the less visible scars, you take tiny hair cut if you wish.
  • Follicular United Transplantation process rather takes a greater to recover fully than that FUE.

Who Are the Best Applicants for FUT and FUE Hair Transplants?

  • Persons who can accept the truth that hair loss can be a long problem even after the transplantation program.
  • Male and female who have lost hair due to burning or mental trouble.
  • Male and female who have lost hair due to cosmetic reaction, for example, due to facelift.

Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular United Transplantation Hair Transplants Aren’t a Good Option For:

  • A person who has not that good donor area to donate hair for the hair relocation treatment process.
  • Who has faced hair fall and baldness due to any regular medication? Because in the post-surgical, it also may continue in such cases.
  • It is useful facts that you are choosing both courses of hair transplantation program you are choosing there is no guarantee that it will be a hundred per cent successful on you. So if you have any doubt regarding it, please don’t take the step for any of these processes. 

Summing up

You may assume that both the processes are not very hard to take on you. But it would help if you took the appropriate advice first, which would be the original method for your baldness. So choose a reputed and modern equipped hair transplant clinic in Kolkata for the best consequence. The surgeon must weigh all evidence before deciding on the best course of action for the patient. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. As a result, a patient selects a clinic that can perform both methods. The patient should think about the monetary aspect as well when choosing the clinic for the treatment procedure.

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