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When is The Right Time to Get a Hair Transplant?

Introduction: – It is needlessly true that hair is an asset to one’s health and overall look. We need to care for it from childhood to maintain it with good quality. But maintaining and caring is not the final step. Because after putting an excellent care hair may fall. There are plenty of valid reasons that lead hair to continuous fall. Due to regular medication, pregnancy, heredity, mental stress, and many more possible reasons, hair may fall out for a long time. There are also many remedies to fight against this continuous Alopecia (hair falling). But it is common in such a problem that one may not cure for permanently. If you are among them, then this piece of writing is for your assistance. Here we will discuss the all-new addition in the world of hair treatment processes, yes! You’re right. We are talking about the hair transplant process. 

When someone has done almost every possible activity to stop hair fall but failed to gain better hair, a hair transplant is the foremost way to stop baldness. It is a process that is done under the supervision of specialist doctors. So do not bear any fear in your mind while taking such an operation on your scalp if you do a small search in Google about the best hair transplant clinic , you will find us.

When Is It Appropriate to Have a Hair Transplant?

The concerned program is done on several good hair transplant clinics in Kolkata. So if you reside anywhere in Kolkata, then you can avail many options. Before performing this procedure, get to know about the facilities provided by the concerned clinic. You have to choose the best clinic after all the process happens on your body part. And additionally, you must know all the determining factors of a hair transplant process. Or what are the valid points you must know before deciding on getting a transplant of hairs? Here some of the most frequent prongs are discussed beneath:- 

1. Age: – Although male and female both can avail of the hair transplant treatment. But hair loss at an early age is more common in male s rather than females. It is known from various researches that men who are facing the issue are not that old. If one tends hair falling out, he may start to experience it after 18 years. Being a reputed hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, we will not suggest you have the process at such a stage because there is a possibility to come new hairs on scalps for up to 25 years. So if you are under 25, then we will suggest having the treatment of Alopecia. And if you are above 35, then you are welcome to get the process on you. Of course, make sure that you have no other serious health issues first. Because after this age, hair growth or new hair forming is not possible. 

2. Expectations: – Actually we will suggest you not to expect much from the beginning. First, you visit your most suitable hair transplant clinic in Kolkata and discuss with the experts. If they suggest the treatment process, then start to think further. There is a need to have adequate hair on the mere part of your scalp for being treated under the process. Because you need donor hairs from your body part or scalp, apart from that, getting treated is not the final step. After the process, you must follow obediently all the medications and instructions provided by the experts. On the other hand, you have to care for your hair regularly for the rest of the life.

3. The cost: – To get all the information regarding the pricing of the concerned process, one may contact a genuine and experienced clinic. A reputed hair transplant clinic will cost a higher amount for the treatment. We are saying this straightforward because we do not want to keep any hide from our readers. At the same time, we think of treating the person with a good amount in hand for sure. Because the treatment process is not that cheap, you may find cheaper options in Kolkata. But we will suggest our readers not compromise with the quality of the service. Have a look at the relevant ratings and reviews to decide the clinic. 

4. Recovery time: – Don’t stress yourself by thinking of the recovery time because this process will not take a long time. It is a very convenient process and takes a day to complete. Suppose you are delaying your decision by thinking that the process may be painful. Or you have to invest a long time to get well. So we can say these are not at all relevant. So you will not be able to feel any pain. The process will complete within few hours. And, of course, the clinic will discharge you on the same day. Therefore you can assume that the treatment is not at all time taking for recovery. 

5. Preferable time for the treatment: – Well! There is no preferred time for the hair transplant process. Many people prefer to do this during festival vacation. But after the process, you have to avoid swimming for a couple of weeks. And it would be best if you had to avoid direct sunlight for few days. So you can do all your regular works but remember these prongs. We can also go for a hilly vacation. But we suggest you must remain in your comfort zone until you can fully adopt the new look and related effects. 

6. It’s Time to Begin: – How old, are you? It would not be the coming question when you visit a hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. How long are you facing the problem? It will be a frequent question by them. Whatever the period of hair fall you are experiencing, you can get treated under the process. You can treat if there is a chance of baldness in the future or already have baldness. So don’t waste in wondering. Initiate the solution as soon as possible.

Conclusion: – Hair carries our overall look. So we cannot ignore them at all because hair fall can be an issue of losing self-confidence. Apart from that, you can face unwanted situations due to your baldness in many situations. Such as in a professional area, you can lose your self-esteem. You can also be rejected in your marriage proposals as well for the same reason. So getting cured of this annoying trouble is more than essential to back in everyday life. A hair transplant will enhance your look, and you will regain your lost confidence as well. The process may sound expensive. But believe us, it will be a lifetime investment. After gaining a better appearance, you will indeed found it’s cost-effective. So please consult with an eligible consultant and take advice shortly.

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