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Difference Between Hair Transplants and Hair Implants

Hair Transplants and Hair Implants

Introduction If anyone faces excessive hair loss, then there is no other way to get treatment for it. It is true undoubtedly that in males, this is a common tendency. Although women also face hair loss problems, such cases are much less than men. A reason behind that is females usually take regular care of … Read more

Which Is The Best Hair Transplant Surgery and Why FUT Or FUE


An overview of the hair transplant process: If you have baldness, it is very strenuous to develop new hairs on your scalp. But it is now feasible, and it is possible in a very convenient way. It’s even happening in your town frequently! Yes, Kolkata is making a name for itself in the field of … Read more

When is The Right Time to Get a Hair Transplant?

When is the Right Time to Get a Hair Transplant?

Introduction: – It is needlessly true that hair is an asset to one’s health and overall look. We need to care for it from childhood to maintain it with good quality. But maintaining and caring is not the final step. Because after putting an excellent care hair may fall. There are plenty of valid reasons … Read more

Why is My Hair Falling Out? Five Causes Reduction in Male and Female Hair Loss

An introduction on hair fall problems Hair is a part of the body that makes an addition to the overall beauty of the person. So it is a necessity to maintain our hair properly. Hair needs proper care with due processes such as regularly combing, oil massage on the scalp, hot oil massage, etc. Apart … Read more

3 Myths for Hair Maintenance and the Ultimate Solution for Hair Restoration

Hair Transplantation


An Overview of Hair Plantation Treatment in Kolkata

Hair Transplant Kolkata

Like every other thing in life, we change with the time. As time passes by you will notice that you

Why Everyone Covets Kolkata for Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair loss issue is more common in male than female. From meager amount of hair loss to baldness, receding hairline tends to be permanent. Somehow or other, hair transplant is the only way to vanishing receding hairline. It

Why Medical Tourism to Kolkata is the best location for Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Medical tourism for hair transplant is the latest fad among people looking for less expensive hair grafting treatment while treating their eyes with scenic beauty. It

How Rajib Got a new Persona with Hair Transplant Treatment in Kolkata?