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Why is My Hair Falling Out? Five Causes Reduction in Male and Female Hair Loss

An introduction on hair fall problems

Hair is a part of the body that makes an addition to the overall beauty of the person. So it is a necessity to maintain our hair properly. Hair needs proper care with due processes such as regularly combing, oil massage on the scalp, hot oil massage, etc. Apart from that, while choosing a shampoo, we must be careful. Because according to the hair anatomy we should choose the shampoo. There are several types of hairs, and one may differ from the other because of hair anatomy. 

On the other hand, in a dandruff-prone scalp, Amla shampoo would be a wiser option if you have already put an extra-ordinary and long-term effort into your hair but failed. You can visit our clinic for hair transplant in Kolkata. This will be a permanent solution to your hair loss issue.

What is causing my hair to fall out?

Several people are facing the hair loss challenge worldwide. To find out the proper reason behind it is not that easy. Because there may be a single reason or multiple reasons behind this trouble. But seeing hair on your comb is indeed very frequent. But if the amount of hair increases time-to-time, then it is an issue to rethink. There can be several reasons behind this regular hair loss such as- 

  • Hormonal changes,
  • Thyroid disorders,
  • Stress,
  • Regular medications,
  • Nutritional deficiencies,
  • Lupus,
  • Pregnancy
  • Androgen tic alopecia,
  • Birth control pills,
  • Ringworm,
  • Heredity,
  • Hairstyling products etc.

So the possible reasons for hair loss are mentioned above, now the time to prevent these problems. Many people make online searches, visit a dermatologist and use all the possible things suggested by others. But those all do not work. Many people ask about the procedure of hair transplant. You can avail the only treatment against the regular hair fall or related issues. Just research before investing your time, energy, and money. The reputed clinics of hair transplant will also provide you all the possible treatments against all the hair falling issues mentioned above, because a reputed organization must offer all the essential treatments along with the extreme step like hair transplant. 

There are five reasons behind hair loss in men and women, which you can fix and reduce the rate of hair loss

Here in this discussion, we are giving some frequent reasons behind any person’s regular hair loss. The good part is that, all these reasons may cover-up by the hair transplant. 

But the person must take all the medications properly with due guidance by the experts. We have discussed the most common reasons behind the regular hair loss beneath:- 

1. Hormonal changes: – Hormonal changes are among the most crucial reasons behind extreme hair loss. For this reason, in the combination ages, the hair fall is expected. Apart from that person suffering from hormonal disorders such as thyroid, melatonin, serotonin, etc., is frequently facing hair loss problems. Apart from that, in pregnancy also a female body experiences many hormonal changes. Due to this reason, also in this phase, she may feel the problem.

On the other hand, extreme mental stress is also the reason for hormonal exchange. So the people living with mental pain are frequent in facing hair fall challenges. If so, you may concern a reputed and genuine clinic of hair transplant Kolkata for the leading solution.

2. Medication: – Regular medication in specific disorders may cause excessive hair fall. Some chronic diseases and those related medications can be effective in hair growth. For example, regular medication against thyroid, diabetes, kidney and heart disorders, some oral contraceptives, etc., can be harmful to the hairs. There is no other choice except to go to a clinic that offers excellent treatment for hair transplant. The problem of hair fall is caused by eating the medicine continuously, but this problem can persist even after quitting the medicine. For this, you need a hair fall specialty doctor so that it can be fixed in time.

3. Alopecia: – Alopecia can be the main reason behind the problem of hair loss. Alopecia has a chronic tendency to cause hair fall. In such disorder, the shape of the hairs on the forehead turns into the shape of a capital ‘M.’ although this disorder is common in males, females are not exceptional totally. There are several types of alopecia, and all have the expected effect of hair loss. Male or female pattern baldness is referred to as Androgen tic alopecia. It’s a common explanation for hair loss. 

This type of alopecia comes genetically. Hair follicles, like other healthy body pieces, are attacked by the immune system. This disorder is correlated with the following hairstyles: tight buns or ponytails, braids, cornrows, extensions, etc. To eliminate such problems related to alopecia, Is a Hair Transplant Treatment The Best Solution For Hair Loss?. If yes then, you must visit the best clinic for hair transplant in Kolkata.

4. Heredity: – From many instances, the researchers have come to know that one of the critical reasons behind male and female baldness generates from the concerned family. If the reason behind your baldness is heredity, then there is no other way to prevent it. In such a state, you need the process of hair transplant. And when the procedure is completed, you need to follow the entire expert’s due guidance from the hair transplant Kolkata clinic.

5. Nutritional deficiencies: – Nutritional deficiencies in the other key reason behind extreme hair loss. Maybe you are taking adequate food. But that may not be sufficient to fulfill your body’s need. That’s why you can experience an excessive hair fall. Lack of protein elements in your regular food habit may cause regular hair loss. Otherwise, vitamin insufficiency, especially the lack of Vit- E, and C can cause the concerned problem. Apart from that, deficiency of iron or a frail person may experience regular hair fall. A well-reputed clinic of hair transplant in Kolkata can help you to get the only solution in such a case.

Summing up with the foremost solution- Self-care

To get rid of such a big problem, one may visit any reputed hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. But they will also suggest you take self-care because it is the top way to fight against such issues. So for taking care of yourself, please do follow the following prongs-

  • Stress reduction by lifestyle changes.
  • Increase the intake of nutritional foods.
  • Initiate the use of fewer chemical shampoos.
  • Don’t make tight hairstyles.
  • Avoid heating on hair.

So the appropriate selection of oil, capsules, hair mask, and shampoo is necessary. We need the unique element in these products. Precisely that is absent in our hair chemical properties. It is a frequent query if the process of hair transplant is safe for one’s health? The possible answer is- the process is quite simple and convenient. Apart from that, the process is not that harmful or painful because the entire process takes place under the experts’ supervision.

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