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A Few Facts About hereditary Baldness in Men That You Must Know

Androgenic alopecia or that we commonly known as the hereditary hair fall though often seen mostly in men, yet women are not free from it. The genes responsible for this get transferred from either parent. The situation exaggerates with age; there is 25% to 30% chance of baling by age of 30, by age 50, about 50% of men show noticeable signs of baldness and by age of 60, 2/3rd of men are either bald or have a balding pattern. Particularly if one is prone to genetic baldness, then age won’t be a factor. But the starting age of hair fall, in any case, is post-Puberty.

Hereditary Baldness: Hair Transplant in Kolkata

What causes hereditary baldness?

Hereditary baldness occurs due to the DHT-sensitivity of hair roots, and mainly covers the areas like front, crown and also the mid-crown areas of the scalp. The hormone responsible for pattern baldness is the male hormone Androgen that accelerates the situation due to the catalytic activity of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that leads to the formation of Di-hydro Testosterone or DHT and takes the blame of Androgenic alopecia.

Where, men experience hereditary hair fall with receding hairline or vertex balding, women experience hair fall with thinning of hair from the crown or top areas of the scalp instead of the frontal hairline.

What is the solution?

Anybody suffering from Androgenic alopecia has just one option, i.e. hair transplant surgery. Globally, this practice raises brows as the expanse is too high with a reputed clinic or surgeon in most of the places. Here, ranks in the top positions with a guarantee of quality treatment within a reasonable budget. And when you talk about India, how do we not mention about Kolkata, the City of Joy which is now growing into a hub for medical tourism with its brilliant doctors and pocket-friendly budgeted treatments.


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