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Factors That Influences Hair Transplant Planning

In today’s time of polluted environment and several lifestyle choices, hair fall is an aggravating problem. Shedding about 100 of hairs in a day or that you see in your comb, in the washroom floor or on the pillow is considered normal. That is necessary for a normal cycle of hair growth which comprises of 3 phases: growth phase, resting phase and shedding phase.

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Majority of hair fall issue is related to the shedding phase and with a very short or absent of growth phase. And this mostly happens in the 30s and at times earlier. Here, we shall discuss some of the factors that will be a determiner as you plan for a hair restoration process.

Prominent factors that will help in hair transplant planning:

Age- The male pattern baldness is of the progressive type. When a man faces balding in younger age, it is unpredictable to what extent it may aggravate with time.

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