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Difference Between Hair Transplants and Hair Implants


If anyone faces excessive hair loss, then there is no other way to get treatment for it. It is true undoubtedly that in males, this is a common tendency. Although women also face hair loss problems, such cases are much less than men. A reason behind that is females usually take regular care of their hairs. That’s why they face minor hair fall rather than males. But whatever the reason is, if the hair problem is gradually increasing, you need a permanent solution. 

The foremost solutions against this trouble are hair transplant and hair implant. Please consult an expert, and he will suggest to you what would be the best treatment for you. But you must need a little knowledge on these two topics before you going to treat. Here in this discussion, we will highlight the difference between hair transplant and hair implant processes.

Hair Transplants vs. Hair Implants: What’s the Difference?

The people facing such problems and other hair-related problems must visit a dermatologist or a hair expert. So if you reside in Kolkata or a place not far from Kolkata, you can easily avail of these treatments because there are plenty of good options for hair transplant in Kolkata. This portion of this article will discuss the differences between a hair transplant process and a hair implant process.

1. The fundamental difference: – Both processes are aimed to offer new hair against your baldness. In the transplant process, the expert will find a dense hair area in your body. And from where he or she will collect fine hairs for the process. After collection, the hair will migrate to the bald area of the scalp. But there is no need to locate a dense hair area from the body in the hair transplant process. Because in this process, synthetic or chemically prepared hair is used for the treatment. In the bald spot, the expert will implant artificial hairs so that you can assume the fundamental difference between both processes. After this discussion, we can say that the first process is a bit natural rather than the second. If you want to know more in detail, you can consult a reputed clinic that offers hair transplant in Kolkata.

2. The difference of look after the processes- Both processes are not natural. There is always a difference between god gifted one and a human-made one. So whatever the process you are adopting, if anyone pays attention, you will find something artificial in your look. But in the process of hair transplant, this not that easy to find out. Because in this process, you’re original hairs are taking place in your bald area. So they will perfectly match your hair colour and hair anatomy accordingly. But in the implant process, the chemically prepared hairs will never give you the perfect natural look. So it is preferable to have the transplant process. 

3. Hair grooming difference after the processes: – After the hair transfer process, you must take care of your new hairs as you do with your natural hairs. And if you can do it, then your hair growth will be average for sure. Additionally, you will be able to cut your hair accordingly whenever you wish. So you can also get new hairstyles according to your desire. But in the case of hair implantation, this is not possible. Because in this process, you are getting artificial hairs on your scalp. And this hair will never grow like natural hairs. Therefore you have to be sustainable with a particular hairstyle for a long time so that this process would not be noteworthy like the other one. 

4. Difference in adoptability by the body after the processes: – Needlessly, it is sure that after the transplant process of newly grown hairs will be conveniently adopted by your body. Because these new hairs are the part of your body, so you will not face that much problem to suit with them. But in other circumstances, the point may be different. Because in the case of hair implantation, the body has artificial hairs. Therefore there is a chance of rejection of these hairs by the body. So the first process will be most comforting for the concerned person.

5. The difference in the processes: – In the hair transplant process, you will initially get tiny hairs on your head. And these will gradually grow time by time. And more or less, seven months will be enough to gain natural-looking hair on your scalp because the follicles will take a minimal time to create the hair growing power naturally. But in the other process, you can get the immediate consequence. As it is a complete artificial process, you will get the length of your hair that much you desire. But you have to maintain this length all the time as it will not grow accordingly in the future. So it is better to gain the slow but steady result. For this reason, also the hair transplant process is in much-demanded worldwide than that of the synthetic hair implant process. 

6. The care process difference after both processes: – Because in the hair transplant, you are getting almost everything that is natural. This process takes place with natural hair; the relocated hairs will take the almost same time that a natural hair takes to grow etc. so that you have to take natural care of your hairs. You should use natural ingredient hair oils, shampoo, masks, etc., to maintain them naturally. But in the case of a hair implant, you do not need such care. Because there is no natural element in your newly formed hairs, in this case, the expert will suggest you some exceptional and chemically prepared medication for your hair. Make contact with a well-rated clinic for hair transplants in Kolkata for this treatment.

7. Difference of durability of the processes: – You will get natural hairs for life-long in the hair transplant process. And the hair colour and texture will match with your hair anatomy all the time. But if you take the hair implant process on your scalp, it would not give you the same colour or texture. Apart from that, the colour may fade away after few years. On the other hand, from many instants, we can know the implanted hairs turn grey quickly after extreme pollution and sunlight. So you need to be additionally aware all the time for this reason.

Conclusion: – A reputed hair transplant clinic is not a place where you can get this particular service. You will also get the proper guidance on what you must do to maintain your hair properly. Additionally, you will get the other hair problem solutions accordingly. If you face any disorder by your hairs, you may consult with a hair transplant clinic’s experts. 

In Kolkata, there are many excellent and affordable places where you can get the initial treatments against your hair troubles. Hopefully, the above discussion will be a little helpful in your hair treatment-related queries. Just do minor research on which clinic will be the finest for you by their ratings and reviews.

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