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Common Hair Fall Myths That You Must Know

To many people, hair fall and baldness are facts of life. It is essential to know about the popular beliefs that may lead to hair fall but would actually not. A piece of wrong information is quite harmful as this may keep people away from the real factors that may cause baldness.

Here, we share some common myths about hair fall that you must know.

  1. Hair fall is caused only due to aging

Though it is a fact that the chance of hair fall increases with aging, but alone this is not a factor. You may notice hair fall in the 20s, 30s or even among teenagers. The earliest is the onset of hair fall, more difficult it becomes to overcome it. No worries. There are modern solutions to take care of your concern.

  1. Hairspray and gels lead to hair-fall

This is another false belief, also that shampoos, frequent washing, and frequent hairstyling, neither leads to hair fall.

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