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FUT Hair Transplant FAQs

Hair Transplant Kolkata

If you are planning for FUT hair transplantation in Kolkata, and want to know about the basics of the procedure, then you are on the right page. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about FUT: What is FUT? A hair transplant technique which transfers hair from permanent zone to the bald scalp … Read more

Undergoing Hair Transplant in Kolkata? Have A Look At The Cost It Involves

Hair-loss did not catch your attention until symptoms of hair thinning and baldness started showing up, right? Signs which at first came to your notice later became matter of concern even for your family members and friends. With the passage of time, the problem has only enhanced and simultaneously your self-confidence diminished. Every time you … Read more

The Receding Hairlines, When Measured With The Fingers

There is a belief in Bengali which says that your forehead should be of three fingers. If it so, it is considered that you are a lucky soul. But how unlucky you can get, if it is more than four fingers and nearly up to the count of five? Relax! Don

A Complete Dissection of Hair Transplantation Surgery

With the matchless benefits revealed about hair transplantation process, it is no more a confusion that a successful hair restoration surgery can do more good than bad to you! \r\n So, if you have developed an utter discontentment towards life and are expecting a better living, the all-inclusive steps of hair transplantation will surely give … Read more

Hair Transplant: Fastest way to regain hair in 21st century

\r\n In the 21st century where everything gets a remedy in a click and is worked on from the very next moment then why would you leave your appearance, by which you are known to the world? \r\n \r\n Talking about the appearance, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to restore … Read more

3 Questions that is sure to calm you down about Hair Transplant Surgery

Almost about two-thirds of the population suffer from hair loss and go completely hay-wire about its solution until they get literally bald by 35. If medications like Rogaine or Propecia are applied at an early stage of hair loss then it might stop the thinning of hair if not making it healthier and thicker. But … Read more

Does the Loss of Hair Takes a Toll on your Psychology?

\r\n Hair is considered as a symbol of beauty in almost every society of the world. Luxurious hair is always associated with beauty and youth and a symptom of good health. For many their beauty lies only on the growth of their hair. Loss of hair can have quite devastating effects on human nature. Some … Read more

Hair Transplant: Suffering from Depression due to Hair Loss?

Baldness is one of the major problems faced by people in Kolkata. It can happen at any age irrespective of gender. Hair loss is the first step to baldness, however, baldness is hereditary. Youths facing this problem go through insecurities and later are traumatised. The only solution to this problem is HAIR TRANSPLANTATION. However, any … Read more