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Case Study: To Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery Was One of My Best Decisions

Hair Transplant Cost in Kolkata

Often, we say that hair fall is a common problem but when it happens with self, this justification appears no consoling. And when hair fall is uncontrollable, it becomes worrisome. But why to worry when we belong to an era where scientific inventions have paved way for solutions. With newer technological findings and hair grafting … Read more

How FUT Revolutionized the World of Hair Transplantation?

FUT Hair Transplant in Kolkata

With technological advancements, in 2019 male pattern baldness is no more a genetic inevitability but a choice if one wishes to stylize like Bruce Willis. One hair transplant method that revolutionizes the game by offering effective and permanent results in affordable rates is the FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. FUT is a great solution and … Read more

My Life Changed After Hair Transplantation : Patient Experience

Hair Transplant Review

Hair fall is worrisome, and when it is uncontrollable, this affects the mind. But, with new technological findings and hair grafting procedures, which are budget friendly as well, you can revive your look. Now, the psychology varies from people to people. And so, expectations and satisfaction are different from person to person. And hair transplant … Read more

What Are the Essential Questions to Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair Transplant FAQ

Getting hair grafting is a big decision for anybody suffering from uncontrollable hair fall problem. This is a process that can hugely boost the self-confidence and beautify your overall appearance and prevent farther hair fall. It is necessary that the surgery is carried out under the strict guidance and supervision of the noted hair transplant … Read more

What Are the New and Upcoming Trends in Hair Transplants

Cost of Hair Transplantation

Hair plantation or hair fall treatment is striding impressive heights and new advancements are making way through. With new technologies, new researches on hair growth and with much more, there are various options to avail. Starting from robotics in hair transplantation, to innovative hair growth ventures, there is more to offer in the coming years. … Read more

Why Medical Tourism to Kolkata is the best location for Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Medical tourism for hair transplant is the latest fad among people looking for less expensive hair grafting treatment while treating their eyes with scenic beauty. It

Undergoing Hair Transplant in Kolkata? Have A Look At The Cost It Involves

Hair-loss did not catch your attention until symptoms of hair thinning and baldness started showing up, right? Signs which at first came to your notice later became matter of concern even for your family members and friends. With the passage of time, the problem has only enhanced and simultaneously your self-confidence diminished. Every time you … Read more

A Complete Dissection of Hair Transplantation Surgery

With the matchless benefits revealed about hair transplantation process, it is no more a confusion that a successful hair restoration surgery can do more good than bad to you! \r\n So, if you have developed an utter discontentment towards life and are expecting a better living, the all-inclusive steps of hair transplantation will surely give … Read more