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A Complete Dissection of Hair Transplantation Surgery

With the matchless benefits revealed about hair transplantation process, it is no more a confusion that a successful hair restoration surgery can do more good than bad to you! \r\n So, if you have developed an utter discontentment towards life and are expecting a better living, the all-inclusive steps of hair transplantation will surely give … Read more

Top 3 Celebrities Who Have Got an Amazing Look through Hair Transplant Surgery

If you were in such misconception that hair loss is prevalent only among common people, it

10 Bollywood Celebrities and Cricketers Hair Transplant Stories

Hair loss is a common problem among everyone especially in males. There is hardly any solution or cure for the hair loss in males. The personality gets damaged with the falling of hair.

3 Questions that is sure to calm you down about Hair Transplant Surgery

Almost about two-thirds of the population suffer from hair loss and go completely hay-wire about its solution until they get literally bald by 35. If medications like Rogaine or Propecia are applied at an early stage of hair loss then it might stop the thinning of hair if not making it healthier and thicker. But … Read more

Top Hair Transplant Stories of Cricketers, Politicians, Film and Television Celebrities in India with Cost

Did you thought hairless stories are only for common man like you? Hair loss do not discriminate and can knock the door of anyone be it world famous politician, highly acclaimed writer, accomplished actors or celebrity and god like cricketers just like anyone of us. Don’t believe us, see for yourself. \r\n The Unveiling Of … Read more

Hair Transplant Works, See Who Used it in Bollywood and Hollywood


The success rate of hair transplantation \r\n Yes. Many men and women has gained back their usual self after completing hair transplantation procedure. One must know about the hair transplant before they avail this service for their advantage. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n Know about hair transplant \r\n This surgical procedure targeting to regrow the fallen hair is known … Read more