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Top Hair Transplant Stories of Cricketers, Politicians, Film and Television Celebrities in India with Cost

Did you thought hairless stories are only for common man like you? Hair loss do not discriminate and can knock the door of anyone be it world famous politician, highly acclaimed writer, accomplished actors or celebrity and god like cricketers just like anyone of us. Don’t believe us, see for yourself.


The Unveiling Of Initial Hair Loss

\r\nTime has changed and thanks to the lifestyle and environment that we all live in. Now its not more witnessing the hair loss from 40′s or 50′s. Statistics have proven that most of the urban population and even rural starts suffering from this menace from an early age of 20. For most of us it was the days of college when we first noticed that our hairs started to fall in love with comb and didn’t wanted to stay in our head.\r\n\r\nfunny hair loss joke\r\n

Famous People are no DIFFERENT ;)

\r\nComing back to the point, you must not think that famous ones get any different treatment. Well, then how come they keep themselves timeless for all the years in limelight.  Simply put, hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery is the secret. Being in India lets start with Bollywood icons.\r\n

Bollywood and Television Celebrities Hair Transplant Stories

\r\nHairless Bollywood and the transition from rough path of hair loss to full head of hair. Hope these before & after images will inspire you and enlighten you to try this radical treatment.\r\n\r\nA. Salman Khan:   Salman Khan choose hair transplantation as he started to loose hair at the end of 90s and was not in the mood to compromise with his good looks. Being the ‘bad boy’ of Bollywood and Bhai of billions he understood the impact that it offers. Here’s his look for you, pre and post the treatment.\r\n\r\n

salman khan hair transplant

Salman Khan Bollywood Superstar & Star Celebrity Hair Transplant Before & After Pic

\r\n\r\nB. Vivek Oberoi: The dark and lanky star who recently was conferred with Saheb Phalke Pride Award 2015 has been known for experimenting with his looks. He has also not been that lucky when it comes to hair. So, he to opted for the best solution available now in India, i.e. FUT hair transplant\r\n\r\nvivek oberoi hair regrowth treatment\r\n\r\nC. Gobinda: The man who ruled the box office for more than a decade with his immaculate comic timing has recently gone for hair plantation and really looking 15 years younger. You might want to check out his makeover. A considerable change in the look of his hairline is visible.\r\n\r\ngovinda\r\n\r\nD. Akshay Kumar: The Khiladi himself being one of the few superstar of Bollywood who aged gracefully have to try it as his hair type prone to loss. Here’s his pictures for you.\r\n\r\nAkshay Kumar Hair Growth\r\n\r\nE. Kapil Sharma: The poster boy of Indian television and the host of Comedy Nights with Kapil is one of the hot topic. Kapil sharma hair transplant story has been one of the most searched term in Google in this context. People loves to know how Kapil Sharma’s hair took such a glamorous shape. And the same people looks for the cost involved in it. We do not know how much he paid for it, but our hair transplant cost starts from Rs 60,000.\r\n\r\nkapil sharma hair transplant cost in India\r\n\r\nF. Shivaji Satam AKA ACP Pradyuman: The Sony TV serial CID’s icon Shivaji Satam has remain the same all these years literally. Thanks to his decision of plantation. He can now be ready for another 15 years of successful running of the series. ACP Pradyuman\r\n

Hollywood Celebrities Hair Transplant Stories

\r\nSome of the biggest name of Hollywood have been the advocate of this process. Here we are sharing the name and images of few of them to make you all understand the global acceptance and success rate for the same.\r\n\r\nA. Mel Gibson: Being one of the most favorite actor, director and producer of all time in Hollywood he has been never being shy from trying new things. This proves from his masterpiece creation in Apocalypto to fighting with hair loss permanently.\r\n\r\nmel gibson hair before after\r\n\r\nB. Jude Law: Charm and style comes together in the finest blend in this Hollywood actor. He has been recently in page 3 gossips for trying hair restoration surgery. Have a look at the effects.\r\n\r\njude law\r\n

Tollywood / Bengali Film Celebrities Hair Transplant Stories

\r\nA. Prosenjit Chatterjee: Being a famed Indian film actor and producer associated with Bengali and Hindi cinema he has been heartthrob of millions for many years . Often referred as Bumba Da among his fans spread across the world and in bengali speaking regions like Kolkata, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam and Bangladesh he is next to the legend himself Uttam Kumar. Age had taken the toll on him too, but due to his wise decision he too have gone for hair transplant in Kolkata and have taken the advantage of least cost for the surgery in India.\r\n\r\nprosenjit tollywood bumba da\r\n\r\nB. Mithun Chakraborty: The legendary disco king of Bollywood, the original Dada himself is ageless for sure. For him style comes naturally. He wanted to keep his looks flawless and searched for the benefit of hair transplantation and being convinced of the effect witnessed in the case of his son  Mahaakshay Mimoh Chakraborty gone ahead with it. He was seen flaunting his perfect hairline in the upcoming movie Ishqedarriyaan’s promotion of which Evelyn Sharma is also a part.\r\n\r\nmithun chakraborty hair transplant, hairline improvement in Kolkata\r\n

Cricketers Hair Transplant Stories

\r\nIn India cricket is like religion and no discussion can be completed without the mention of this. Here we are sharing the stories and images of some of the most celebrated cricketers of all time who have chosen this treatment and been befitted. With no-side effect and completely natural looking hair they are looking more sharp then ever. India being the most preferred medical tourism destination for hair transplant, cost in India is the lowest in the world.\r\n\r\nA. Sourav Ganguly: Being the mentor behind the fighting spirit of present Indian cricket team and one of the greatest captain of all time he has seen all the glory in life. But, fading hairline was hurting his personality. Sourav the prince of Bengal, fondly called Dada tried hair transplant and the result is in front of us. See for yourself.\r\n\r\nsourav ganguly hair transplantation in Kolkata\r\n\r\nB. Virendra Sehwag: This Delhi born cricketer is often referred as the shadow of Sachin Tendulkar the great. At a very early age he suffered from alopecia and is another successful case for this treatment.\r\n\r\nVirendra Sehwag hair loss and treatment\r\n

Politicians Hair Transplant Stories

\r\nImage matters if you are peoples representative and this things applies for anyone irrespective of borders and taste. Two of the most celebrated cases are shared for you below, hope you would be amazed knowing it.\r\n\r\nA. Narendra Modi: Being the prime minister of the largest democracy of the world India, he has his own charisma. From his dressing sense to the way of speech everything is finely crafted. It is often considered that he too might have gone through hair transplantation process. We are sharing his before and after image, you be the judge.\r\n\r\nNarendra Modi Hairline Changes\r\n\r\nB. Nawaz Sharif: The current Prime Minister of Pakistan has also been through this process and has received quite a good deal of media attention globally especially from fashionistas. Here is how he looks now and before the process.\r\n\r\nNawaz Sharif hair transplant\r\n


“Some Interesting Facts, Figures & Statistics about Hair Loss or thinning in Men and Women Globally”\r\n


\r\nNow that we have your attention and have seen cream of the crop from every field in our nation having made the most of hair transplantation, few statistics would entice you more.\r\n\r\nNumber of hair lost on daily basis by men and women\r\n\r\n

Hair Loss Baldness Facts figures statistics infographics kolkata

Source: www.mapsofworld.com



\r\nThe fact, data, individual stories, etc. are shared here to enlighten you about this subject as very few people in Kolkata, India know about this development of medical science. More importantly this post is meant toclear the mental blockage that we all suffer while talking about any kind of wellness treatment. Nowhere it is written that it has to be for celebrities and famous individuals only, we all can take advantage of it. With the most competitive graft price in India and off course Kolkata you are just up for a treat.

*Disclaimer - Contents not verified and we don’t claim anything.

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