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Why Men and Women face Hair Fall Differently?

Hairfall can happen to anyone and but in men, it is a common thing to occur that stealing the looks and knocking confidence level. A very depressing thing to happen. Statistics show that men are more susceptible to hair fall and baldness at some point in life than women.

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Most of the time, many tries to hide their baldness as possible, finally some takes up hair transplant surgeries.  But hair fall must not be a thing to hide or feel ashamed about but take up fast step to prevent hair fall and farther progression.

The fact is that men and women can experience extreme hair fall, but its men suffer more, maybe because women suffer for different reasons and female pattern of hair fall and resulting baldness is different. Here we shall see, why hair fall is more common in men and how is badness different in men and women.

Androgenic alopecia is quite common in men

Permanent hair fall affects about 70% of the men and 40% of the women generally.  That makes a huge difference, but when you know the reason behind, you can make a sense of it.

Why men are more prone to the health condition called androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is a genetically inherited condition, commonly known as male-pattern baldness, and it starts with hair fall in the temples and progresses towards the back forming somewhat like the alphabet,’M’. In many cases, hair fall starts at the crown area as well.

Under this condition, the activity of androgen receptors in the hair follicles, increases. These receptors are receptors for dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a by-product of testosterone which causes shrinking of hair follicles and makes them dead. Now, men produce the hormone testosterone throughout their lives, and hence also keeps making the by-product, DHT. This biochemical difference makes it more likely for men to lose more hair than women and suffer baldness, more. Since women and men vary genetically, so also varies the underlying biological mechanism within them and hence the degree and incidence of baldness.

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The emotional side of baldness 

Irrespective of your gender,  irreplaceable hair fall and consequent baldness can have immense emotional and psychological effects that may lead to low self-esteem and feelings of depression and anxiety when they experience hair loss.

Baldness has a different kind of acceptance and difficulty between men and women. For women, it becomes quite difficult to deal with it because hair relates to beauty and femininity. When women start losing hair, they stop finding themselves alluring and beautiful.

In several cases, we can see there is some social acceptance for men with baldness, but never with women.

The society can casually accept a successful but bald man in media, but can you say when you last saw a woman celebrity with baldness? With such importance given to women’s hair as a beauty symbol, it is understood how big an emotional impact could be baldness and the period of continuous hair fall.

Though the male pattern of baldness is widely accepted, men also go through the emotional phase of discouragement and low confidence. For a man, hair adds to his masculinity as well as looks. When hair fall starts or bald patch appears, men also start feeling unattractive.

All men don’t suffer from baldness

Now, you may wonder if hormones are a reason, then why so many men don’t suffer from hair fall or baldness.  may be wondering why all men don’t experience hair fall and baldness. The basic scientific reason is some men tend to produce more hormone than others and have more receptors as well. A man may produce lots of hormones but with few receptors, will not face significant hair fall and become bald. Even, all men are not prone to this health condition. A man may become bald whose father never suffered this condition, whereas a man may not become bald even if his father must have been. Besides, genetic reasons there seem to be several underlying reasons like lifestyle as well, that cause hair fall and baldness in men.

How to treat female and male hair fall problems?

Irrespective of your gender, you can treat your hair back. Let’s see how.

Minoxidil treatment: Minoxidil is an active ingredient in most of the hair loss products. It functions by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and help the growth of hair follicles and re-grow hair with time.

Any disadvantage? You have to use Minoxidil for a long time. Once you stop the use, hair growth will get reverse as Minoxidil doesn’t stop DHT production, but just counteracts topically.

Propecia treatment: This is an oral medication and you can get it through prescription. This functions by blocking the body’s DHT production to prevent farther hair fall. Not recommended for women and is considered unsafe for women as just handling can cause birth defects.

Anyways, some doctors Propecia for women who are facing uncontrolled hair fall,  but post their childbearing age. But there is no proof of hair re-growth in women. Some studies found that there is a connection between Propecia and some kinds of prostate cancer, so this medication must be strictly taken under a doctor’s supervision.

Hormone replacement therapy: According to the American Hair Loss Association, women who experience hair fall due to menopause, progesterone and estrogen pills and creams may help to treat androgenetic alopecia.

With scientific inventions, there are a few proven hair transplant methods, that cause successful hair re-growth and restore looks. Coming to hair transplant solutions, Kolkata is growing as hair transplant hub as more and more people are coming to this place to get one of the best hair restoration treatment and at a reasonable cost.

This is just an informative post made for you. If you are being troubled with any hair fall problem and see thinning of hair or receding hairline, it is suggested to consult an expert. If you consider yourself as a candidate for hair transplant treatment, you must conduct a survey to know about the various scope of treatment available before you choose a particular doctor or a clinic.  You must do thorough research before you finally decide where to get the surgery done.

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Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata has performed several hair transplant with successful results that has left the patients with natural looking hair without any scars. He holds his graduation degree from Kolkata Medical College and is a Master of General Surgery from PG Hospital. Later on he achieved his M.Ch in Plastic Surgery also from PG Hospital.

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