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Is OCD and Psychological Disorders Causing Hair Loss?

People already know the common causes of hair loss, but do you know that due to psychological disorder and OCD you can also have immense of hair loss?\r\n\r\nYes! It is true. There are people who do not even know nothing about OCD and unaware of their personality or psychological disorders. But when we talk about these issues, let get started with knowing the issues better.\r\n\r\nhttp://i.huffpost.com/gen/2631494/images/o-MENTAL-ILLNESS-facebook.jpg

\r\nOCD- In Short:\r\n

  • OCD is an abbreviation for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  It’s a nervous disorder that is known to create fear, worry and discomfort due to disturbing thoughts.  A person undergoing from OCD performs monotonous behaviours in the hope of lessening the anxiety in spite of the effect it has on their private and working lives.
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  • Some general examples of OCD actions include closing and opening a gate repeatedly and each time a person enters or leaves a room, verifying the locks on a door numerous times even though they have previously been locked and only pursuing certain paths while walking through a residence or on a street.
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  • A hair loss issue can arise due to the OCD behaviour of an individual suffering from the anarchy.  Examples of OCD actions when it comes to your hair include obsessive pulling on hair, which can lead to baldness. In fact, through the biological process of these kinds of people also, hair fall can happen at a high rate.
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\r\nDue to Psychological Disorder:\r\n

  • Now, you have to know how the hair fall happens due to personality disorder. It is often called as psychological disorder or Trichotillomania. A traumatic and unusual psychological disorder, Trichotillomania forces victims to pluck hair– usually from the head or scalp.
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  • “It is usually a manifestation of an obsessive compulsive disorder, but can also be associated with depression and anxiety,” said Dr Lee, a renowned Hair Transplant Surgeons. He also added, “Parents may think this is a mere habit and scold the child. They need to understand that the hair-pulling may be an outward sign of something psychological. The child has an immense urge to pull out his hair and is not at ease until he does it. Then, he feels tremendous relief and release of tension.”
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\r\nSo, you can see, personality disorder can happen to anyone. But you do not have to worry much. If you ever see hair loss at an abnormal rate, then you can surely contact with and hair expert. Hair loss in men and women can meet a permanent solution through hair transplant.

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Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata has performed several hair transplant with successful results that has left the patients with natural looking hair without any scars. He holds his graduation degree from Kolkata Medical College and is a Master of General Surgery from PG Hospital. Later on he achieved his M.Ch in Plastic Surgery also from PG Hospital.

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