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An Insight into Male Pattern Baldness

Hair Transplant in Earlier Days


Modern hair surgical techniques especially hair transplant has had a chequered graph. Even the latest hair grafting and follicular transplant methods are undergoing rapid advances. The human race had been and is still being troubled by hair loss. From ancient times, people have tried numerous strategies for restoring hair. Earlier “Alopecia”, as the hair loss disease is called, was treated by small autografts by certain dermatologists. At a later phase, “punch grafting” was performed by many practitioners. However, this method did not show desirable results. The patients, who undertook the surgery, gained nothing but an unnatural look. Naturally, the people who invested in such surgeries were only disappointed with the outcome.


What is Male Pattern Baldness


ways to treat male pattern baldnessMen develop a type of hair loss problem called the Male Pattern Baldness. It appears at a certain stage in men and they usually go bald in few years. The hair starts receding in the front and the sides. With time a bald patch appears. Only a rim of hair is left after a certain point of time.  In surgical hair restoration, there are a number of challenges in the treatment of male pattern hair loss.  The creation of frontal forelock has proved quite effective. They provide undetectable results and great satisfaction to patients. In this method, the donor hair supply is exceeded than the amount that is required. If you observe, one in three men get baldness at the age of 30.


Reason for Baldness


There are many reasons to site why men fall victim to this kind of baldness. The cycle of hair growth and shedding is a very continuous process. However, the actual problem occurs when the hair follicle gets affected and becomes smaller. With time it shrinks and a thin hair root remains that hardly grows. The hair growth is affected by the changes in male hormones especially testosterone. Many have been curious about why the scalp is only affected and not the beard or body hair. People wonder what can be done to treat the problem. Nonetheless, little can be done to slow down hair loss. If you remain under continuous medication, then it might help to an extent.


At a certain point of time, hair loss does affect your self-esteem and cause distress. Hence, you must try to find an effective solution for this. The cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant show varied results. You can consult a specialist surgeon if required. The process can be slowed or even eradicated completely, if detected early. Nevertheless, this kind of hair loss disease is mostly permanent and has no cure. You can try other procedures like scalp reduction or cosmetic surgery.


If you are suffering from the disease, it’s always advised to consult a doctor not wasting any time. Get in touch with one of the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata to get rid of male baldness quickly.

About Dr. Maneesh

Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata has performed several hair transplant with successful results that has left the patients with natural looking hair without any scars. He holds his graduation degree from Kolkata Medical College and is a Master of General Surgery from PG Hospital. Later on he achieved his M.Ch in Plastic Surgery also from PG Hospital.

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