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Are You A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery?

When you are the good candidate, for hair transplant surgery you can immensely change your looks and gain your confidence again. Yes, you are reading right. We are talking about the right candidate who can undergo successful hair transplant surgeries.  Everything has its realistic face, let’s give you a practical idea on this.

Hair Transplant Kolkata

First, you must know that everyone has some fixed amount of donor’s hair which can be implanted to the bald areas on the scalp. If the hair is not used efficiently then the result may not be as per your expectations. And, a hair restoration surgery is your last hope to stop hair fall and its related issues.

There are some criteria which decide if you can be a good candidate for hair transplant surgeries. Let’s find here.

The right candidates for hair transplant surgery are:

  1. Men who lost their hair because of male pattern baldness for over 5 years or who are in class 3 level or above in the Norwood Scale.
  2. Both men and women with practical expectations and understands hair fall may continue post surgery even with preventive remedies. Some has to continue with the medicines, after surgery to fight hair fall.
  3. Men who had balding for some years, but now it has paused and they want to re-grow hair and add youthfulness to their looks.
  4. Both men and women, who lost their hair because of burns and trauma.
  5. Both men and women, who lost hair because of cosmetic procedures like facelifts.

In simple words, any person with a good amount of stable supply of donor’s hair is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Usually, patients over thirty are the best hair transplant candidates with an established balding pattern in comparison to patients below 30.

Whom the procedure doesn’t suit?

As long now we learned about the suitable candidates. That says, there could be people who cannot opt for hair restoration surgeries. Let’s see here.

  • People who lost hair during any medical treatment like say chemotherapy
  • People who get thick and fibrous scars post a hair transplant surgery
  • People with less donor area hair count that cannot cover the bald area
  • People with widespread hair fall over the scalp as several women faces.

Hence it is essential to set realistic expectations before you consult a doctor and decide a procedure. Though a typical hair transplant takes just a few hours, you can see the results after some months. And depending on the type of hair fall you face or the amount of hair loss you have, the outcomes may vary.

We know that hair fall is a growing problem and is getting worse with today’s urban lifestyle.  Form mild hair loss to patchy baldness, your receding hairline may be threatening to your looks and self-confidence. With various options, hair transplant in Kolkata is a growing choice due to efficient surgeons, good infrastructures and hair transplant surgeries at a reasonable cost.

You may take some time and decide if you must go for a hair transplant surgery or not, but an essential thing to decide is from where to get it done. You may gain knowledge and make some comparisons through online sources before you discuss with a physician in real. Just for your information, hair transplant in Kolkata costs about Rs 75,000 to Rs. 1L with per graft costing about Rs. 30 to Rs. 80. Choose wisely and remain positive!

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About Dr. Maneesh

Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata has performed several hair transplant with successful results that has left the patients with natural looking hair without any scars. He holds his graduation degree from Kolkata Medical College and is a Master of General Surgery from PG Hospital. Later on he achieved his M.Ch in Plastic Surgery also from PG Hospital.

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