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FUT Hair Transplant FAQs

If you are planning for FUT hair transplantation in Kolkata, and want to know about the basics of the procedure, then you are on the right page. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about FUT:

What is FUT?

A hair transplant technique which transfers hair from permanent zone to the bald scalp area. The permanent zone means the back and sides of the scalp.

Hair Transplant Kolkata

How is the procedure done?

In FUT, follicular units containing up to 4 hairs are transferred to the bald area of the scalp after applying. The surgeon removes a strip of tissue with hair after applying anesthesia. The strip is next cut into follicular units with microscopic dissection techniques. During preparation of graft, tiny holes are created on the scalp where transplanted hair will be placed.

Should I know the doctor’s history

Of course, yes! You must know about the experience and expertise about the doctor who is to carry out FUT on you. This is an essential factor in making the right decision.

What are the advantages of FUT

  • Transfer of several follicular units
  • Survival rate of follicles is high
  • Cheaper method
  • Time maximize
  • Good hair quality 

Are there any risks of FUT?

  • Inflammation or Infection

Some patients might experience inflammation of the affected area or an infection, which can be easily treated with antibiotics and compresses.

  • Shock Loss

A condition under which the area from which strands of hair is extracted lose some of its hair. But this is not permanent.

  • Scar

Dues to the extraction of strips little scarring can happen. But if you are being treated by a good doctor, the growth should cover the scarred area.

What is the cost of FUT?

FUT can be done within a price range of $4,000 – $9,000. The number of hair follicles needed for the procedure is the determining factor. Be careful about doctors who might suggest usage of more follicles than required.

What to expect after the surgery?

After the procedure, it is natural the area would be a little tender. There could be mild pain or discomfort for several days post operation. Even the scalp is susceptible to swelling which has remedies. The doctor will also suggest you wear bandages over the scalp for about 1-2 days and prescribe with intake of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is expected that the patient can get back to work within a period of 2-5 days.

It is expected that the transplanted hair would fall within 2 – 3 weeks post surgery and new hair growth within two months.

What is the growth period?

Growth period is the duration, when hair grows into length and can be groomed and appear very natural. Hair growth often happens about 60% and usually after 6 to 9 months. After a year it won’t appear as if any operation was done.

Medical tourism is a growing in Kolkata and other cities of India and along with it centers for hair transplantation. Hair grafting Kolkata has gained immense popularity in recent times and hair fall is no more a reason to worry now. Hair transplantation is one of the finest contributions of science which can give a permanent solution to hair fall-related concerns.

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About Dr. Maneesh

Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata has performed several hair transplant with successful results that has left the patients with natural looking hair without any scars. He holds his graduation degree from Kolkata Medical College and is a Master of General Surgery from PG Hospital. Later on he achieved his M.Ch in Plastic Surgery also from PG Hospital.

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