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Evaluation of Hair loss

\r\nHair loss is a very stressful and traumatic experience for everyone. If you want to get the right solution for your hair loss, you should first find the root cause. Every transplant clinic should do a complete medical check up of the patient before performing the surgery.\r\n\r\nFor a transplant expert, it’s very essential to understand the pattern of hair loss. If you are suffering from hair loss , it can either be hereditary or due to some genetic problems.\r\n

Clinical Hair Loss Evaluation

\r\nOnce the medical checkup is over, it’s time for the physical examination of the scalp and hair. If it’s non-scarring alopecias, the hair loss will have visible follicular units.\r\n\r\nWhen it comes to the hair loss pattern, it is usually instructive. For instance-Alopecia Areata has a random distribution, while androgenetic alopecia has a distinct pattern. If the transplant clinic is ready to do an evaluation on the hair shaft, it’s good because it helps to determine a lot of other important aspects such as length, shape, caliber etc.\r\n\r\nFor people who want to check the characteristics of your hair, use a contrast sheet of paper on a white background. It helps you to do the hair evaluation on your own.\r\n

Pull Test

\r\nWhen it comes to pull test, it is described as a test where 50-60 hair are grasped between the different fingers and gently tugged. If it’s more than 10% then the pull test is abnormal. Remember, if you have decided to go for a pull test, you should not take any shower prior to the test.\r\n\r\nA pull test serves the purpose of removing the telogen hairs but one cannot do the same with normal anagen hairs. If the telogen hairs are present in excessive amount then it indicates telogen effluvium.\r\n\r\nHair loss is something that affects all the different age groups of people. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we can offer a complete hair loss evaluation. Along with a successful hair transplant surgery, we also help people to get their confidence back.