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Different Hair Transplant Methods and Their Success Rate

Hair Transplant is a popular trend that is giving relief to several people who are troubled with uncontrollable hair fall and consequent balding. This is a procedure which restores natural hair from where there is hair fall. Now if any body part besides, a non-scalp area is used as a donor or recipient then this is body hair Transplant. If a hair transplant is carried out without damaged hair roots, the result is amazing. Transplanted hair roots show growth after 3-4 month of the transplant being done, a wait of at least 6-8 months is worth for good result.

Hair Transplant Kolkata

Hair Transplant Success Rate

It is quite a successful method if done by an expert with a good reputation and huge experience. The success of hair transplant depends on various factors like the extent of hair fall and how much donor’s hair is available. Even the quality of donors, affect the result.

What is the success rate of  FUT?

The success percentage of FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is between 95% and 98 %. During the process of consultation, both patient and doctor must discuss the count of follicular units required for sufficient coverage as per the patient’s hair fall rate, and the final orientation of hairline and also the patient’s desired goal must also be discussed.

When the doctor and patient have similar goals for final outcome, a FUT procedure should be able to offer 100-percent success rate.

What is the success rate of FUE Hair Transplants?

This being a  more time requiring method as each follicular unit must be removed from the donor site into the site of the recipient. This can be done manually or with any other medical types of equipment, that doctors have but have a very lesser effect on the success rate since the most needed factor that determines the success rate is the total percentage of fibers transplanted with success and also how the entire transplant appears to the patient.

Theoretically, with a good count of transplanted follicular units, an FUE Transplant has a 100% success rate. But in practice, the success rate is below than FUT technique. Hence an open and clear communication, between patient and doctor is a must about the hair transplant procedure, and the experts understand why it is important to outline the potential limitations to the patient if any and also the advantages.

What is the success rate of Robotic Hair Transplants?

This is a current favorite among several doctors who believe that technological advancements are time-saving methods and more efficient. Yet, many doctors prefer the FUE procedure to attain results which their patients want.

With several benefits, this procedure is much desired by patients and doctors, and as the automated method can be fast paced such that no session is lengthy like a manual process. When done by an experienced doctor, it is in every way a successful method like other processes. The only limitation to this procedure is its limited to only 1,500 grafts. 

What is the success rate of NeoGraft Hair Transplants?

This is a kind of FUE procedure that makes use of a pneumatic pressure device to preserve every hair follicular unit so that most yield occurs and with the most coverage at the recipient site. In other words, NeoGraft is like other procedures with automatic systems or new technologies.

When performed well and as per the patient’s goals, the NeoGraft Hair Transplant results between 95% to 98% of the success of stored follicular units from a donor site and can be considered as an absolute success in every way, when it’s the chosen method for hair transplant.

What is the success rate of SmartGraft Hair Transplants?

With a pneumatic pressure device from where the follicular units are immediately transferred to a refrigerated storage unit, SmartGraft can yield maximum in terms of total success. This can attain more than a 98% success rate for hair transplant.

Also, there are possibilities that the recipient site being denser owing to the process of preservation of follicular units. With an expert who can construct hairline as expected by the patient, the success of SmartGraft method is outstanding.


Cost of hair plantation in Kolkata is quite reasonable. Gradually with increasing demand, the rate of hair transplant in Kolkata has doubled in the last 5 years because of the growing concern of hair fall in Kolkata.

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