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The Dangerous Effects of Hair Loss Treatment in Children

Is Hair Loss Treatment Dangerous for Children?\r\n\r\nIs really the use of Minoxidil can have really bad effect on children’s?\r\n\r\nHair loss in children is a very rare phenomenon. It has been found out that almost 2 million children undergo excess hair loss or some kind of alopecia in United States. However, it is only a temporary problem as the hair will start to grow on its own without treatment. Unlike adults, children are not prone to hair loss complicacies.\r\n\r\nhair loss treatment dangerous for kids\r\n\r\nDifferent Types of Children Hair Loss\r\n

  • Children’s Tinea Capitis- The disease is mainly caused due to fungal infection in the areas of eyebrows, eyelashes and scalp; it is mainly common in boys. It is also known as “ringworm of the scalp”. It is a communicable disease as it can easily gets transmitted to another child by using same combs, towels, pillows, etc. Children’s under the age of 3 to 10 years are more vulnerable to this disease.\r\n\r\n
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  • Children’s Alopecia Areata- The kids suffering from alopecia areata loses bundles of hair in circular patches. It is one of the common forms of hair loss in children. The condition is not contagious. Luckily, the hair starts to grow within 12 months.\r\n\r\n
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  • Children’s Traction Alopecia- This type of hair loss is mostly common in girls. Due to the earlier stages of hair growth, the hair is very fragile and is more prone to breakage. The best treatment for this condition is to handle the hair very tenderly. The hair will eventually grow, but it may take some time for complete growth.\r\n\r\n
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  • Children’s Trichotillomania- This type of condition has irregular patches of hair loss in the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. This problem is caused when children are forced to pull one’s own hair while studying or merely watching a television. Most of the parents are not aware of this habit of their kid. The only solution to this problem is to observe the habits of your children.
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\r\nChildren’s Hair Loss Caused by Alopecia\r\n\r\n Alopecia is such a disease that is common on the people who have crossed the age limit of at least 40 years. But at the same time it’s also very much true that due to the adverse environmental conditions, numbers of children have become victim of alopecia. Variegated researches have been conducted and the hair specialists have come to a conclusion that the percentage of recovery is higher in children than compared to that of adults. But all of the children don’t have that luck. Although, it’s quite disappointing for the patient as well as his/her parents, the advancement of medical science has now made it very easy for you to get rid of complicacy.\r\n\r\nMinoxidil Too Dangerous for Kids\r\n\r\nAccording to the recent study in France, Minoxidil which is widely popular as the best hair loss treatment can actually turn out to be very dangerous for children’s. Dr Isabel Claudet who is a lead author in Pediatric Emergency Care said about minoxidil treatment “This is a powerful hypertensive agent, some milliliters can lead to severe hypertension in an infant”.  The minoxidil was mainly used to lower blood pressure for those patients who had not responded to other medicines. However, it is commonly used as a hair loss treatment solution for many years. Even though, they are considered safe, but it has been proven that using minoxidil causes a rapid heartbeat, water retention as well as heart attacks in some patients.\r\n\r\nIn conclusion, hair loss in children is not a result of vitamin deficiencies. Parents can easily make the diagnosis by examining the children properly. However, you can seek the help of a child’s physician for speedy recovery.\r\n

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