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Hair Transplantation
Common Hair Fall Myths That You Must Know

To many people, hair fall and baldness are facts of life. It is essential to know about the popular beliefs that may lead to hair fall but would actually not. A piece of wrong information is quite harmful as this … Continue reading

Hair transplantation in Kolkata
Good and Bad Aspects of Hair Transplantation

When one faces incessant hair fall that is alarming. And when it leads to baldness that is disheartening and may also reduce self-esteem. Worry no more, with technological innovations for hair transplantation, you can revive your looks fast. Most of … Continue reading

Hereditary Baldness: Hair Transplant in Kolkata
A Few Facts About hereditary Baldness in Men That You Must Know

Androgenic alopecia or that we commonly known as the hereditary hair fall though often seen mostly in men, yet women are not free from it. The genes responsible for this get transferred from either parent. The situation exaggerates with age; … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
Factors That Influences Hair Transplant Planning

In today’s time of polluted environment and several lifestyle choices, hair fall is an aggravating problem. Shedding about 100 of hairs in a day or that you see in your comb, in the washroom floor or on the pillow is … Continue reading

Hair Transplant in Kolkata
Is Hair Transplant a Painful Procedure and Is There Any Corrective Measure If Transplant Goes Wrong?

Though hair transplant is a modern method and gaining much popularity, yet people has some ifs and buts before they proceed with the same. One such perceived worry is if the hair transplant procedure is painful or not.  Often any … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Cost in Kolkata
Case Study: To Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery Was One of My Best Decisions

Often, we say that hair fall is a common problem but when it happens with self, this justification appears no consoling. And when hair fall is uncontrollable, it becomes worrisome. But why to worry when we belong to an era … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Solutions: Kolkata
Why Men and Women face Hair Fall Differently?

Hairfall can happen to anyone and but in men, it is a common thing to occur that stealing the looks and knocking confidence level. A very depressing thing to happen. Statistics show that men are more susceptible to hair fall … Continue reading

Hair Transplant For Diabetic People
Is Hair Transplant Realizable For Diabetic People?

With advancements in science and technology, hair restoration has become an easy and convenient solution against hair fall and baldness for everyone, including someone with diabetes. But the success and duration of treatment will depend on the health condition and … Continue reading

6 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Hair Growth

There is no fixed time when you can pause and think about how to make some changes to overcome constant hair fall or improve your hair growth. You must take care of things before you are left with no options … Continue reading

Are You A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery?

When you are the good candidate, for hair transplant surgery you can immensely change your looks and gain your confidence again. Yes, you are reading right. We are talking about the right candidate who can undergo successful hair transplant surgeries.  … Continue reading

FUT Hair Transplant in Kolkata
How FUT Revolutionized the World of Hair Transplantation?

With technological advancements, in 2019 male pattern baldness is no more a genetic inevitability but a choice if one wishes to stylize like Bruce Willis. One hair transplant method that revolutionizes the game by offering effective and permanent results in … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
Tips to Research Best Hair Restoration Service Provider In Kolkata

Today with technological innovations and new inventions, hair restoration is an easy and affordable solution to overcome hair fall. With evolving technologies, there the entire process is more comfortable and convenient, with a reduction in pain and recovery time. And … Continue reading

Hair Fall Treatment
11 Things to Do and Prevent Winter Hair Fall

During the winters the outdoors cold weather and the dry indoor heat can lead to dryness of scalp and cause damage to your hair.  You might find yourself suffering from flakes, split ends and brittle hair. To avoid them, there … Continue reading

Hair transplant Kolkata
Tips To Control Hair Fall With A Few Lifestyle Changes

Do you see a tuft of hair in your comb after a bath? Or do you find your hairline receding? Well, these are hair fall-related problems, due to split ends, rough and dull hair, dandruff, premature graying which happens due … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Review
My Life Changed After Hair Transplantation : Patient Experience

Hair fall is worrisome, and when it is uncontrollable, this affects the mind. But, with new technological findings and hair grafting procedures, which are budget friendly as well, you can revive your look. Now, the psychology varies from people to … Continue reading

Hair Transplant FAQ
What Are the Essential Questions to Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Getting hair grafting is a big decision for anybody suffering from uncontrollable hair fall problem. This is a process that can hugely boost the self-confidence and beautify your overall appearance and prevent farther hair fall. It is necessary that the … Continue reading

Cost of Hair Transplantation
What Are the New and Upcoming Trends in Hair Transplants

Hair plantation or hair fall treatment is striding impressive heights and new advancements are making way through. With new technologies, new researches on hair growth and with much more, there are various options to avail. Starting from robotics in hair … Continue reading

Hair Transplant in Kolkata
What Things to Consider Before Having A Hair Transplant Surgery?

Getting hair grafting is a crucial decision and you must give a lot of thoughts before you finally decide to go ahead and book a consultation with a hair transplant experts. Hair transplantation is a serious decision and there are … Continue reading

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Egg Yolks Hair Fall Treatment

Egg yolks have been used for age long beauty treatments and that includes hair masks to enhance hair growth, strengthen and give a better appearance. To know exactly, how egg yolk helps in hair growth, keep reading. A study was … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
Thyroid Disorders and How They Lead to Hair Fall

Hair fall is really a sad thing, and it is so dreadful when this happens uncontrolled. Reasons could vary from genetics to the wrong lifestyle, more importantly, unhealthy diet. There are a number of factors that lead to hair fall … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
Different Hair Transplant Methods and Their Success Rate

Hair Transplant is a popular trend that is giving relief to several people who are troubled with uncontrollable hair fall and consequent balding. This is a procedure which restores natural hair from where there is hair fall. Now if any … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
FUT Hair Transplant FAQs

If you are planning for FUT hair transplantation in Kolkata, and want to know about the basics of the procedure, then you are on the right page. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about FUT: What is … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Myths and Facts
Hair Transplant Myths and Facts To Know

The internet is a scary platform when you have medical queries, be it regarding hair transplant or any other procedures. Chances are that you stumble onto pages where you get misguiding information. And coming across various myths and misconceptions about … Continue reading

Hair Transplantation
3 Myths for Hair Maintenance and the Ultimate Solution for Hair Restoration

You’ve seen many advertisements promoting magical solution for hair growth. You might also have bought a dozens of them and now you’re tired of the fake claims. You have seen no significant change in your reclining hairline and all you … Continue reading

Androgenic Alopecia
Know what is the Ultimate treatment for Androgenic Alopecia?

Believe it or not baldness is the inevitable aging sign. But there are many unfortunate people losing hair at their 20s and the number is not very less. You cannot blame alone the lifestyle of the generation but polluted environment … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
An Overview of Hair Plantation Treatment in Kolkata

Like every other thing in life, we change with the time. As time passes by you will notice that you’re having bodily change and your hair is the most susceptible area to change. There was a time when we had … Continue reading

Hair Transplantation in Kolkata
Know Which Stage your Hair Fall is at and get it Treated by Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

It won’t be exaggerated if we say that almost everyone under this sun has once suffered from hair fall. Hair growth and fall is a natural ongoing process and every person losses hair on an average 10 to 15 a … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
Points You Should Know for Hair Transplant Treatment in Winter

Winter is around the corner. We all have been waiting for this season so eagerly to celebrate much awaited festivals with glee and glamour. But what happens when you’re just shattered at your baldness? You can’t take part in any … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Cost
Why Everyone Covets Kolkata for Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair loss issue is more common in male than female. From meager amount of hair loss to baldness, receding hairline tends to be permanent. Somehow or other, hair transplant is the only way to vanishing receding hairline. It’s definitely a … Continue reading

Hair Transplant in Kolkata
Why Medical Tourism to Kolkata is the best location for Hair Transplant Treatment?

Medical tourism for hair transplant is the latest fad among people looking for less expensive hair grafting treatment while treating their eyes with scenic beauty. It’s a sort of ‘Two-in-one offer’ where one goes out on a treatment vacay. Survey … Continue reading

How Rajib Got a new Persona with Hair Transplant Treatment in Kolkata?

What’s the buzz about getting hair transplant done in Kolkata? If you’re sick and tired of hair fall, it’s never too late to get your baldness treated by an ace. Hair transplant in Kolkata has gain massive response from last … Continue reading

Undergoing Hair Transplant in Kolkata? Have A Look At The Cost It Involves

Hair-loss did not catch your attention until symptoms of hair thinning and baldness started showing up, right? Signs which at first came to your notice later became matter of concern even for your family members and friends. With the passage … Continue reading

Receding Hairlines--
The Receding Hairlines, When Measured With The Fingers

There is a belief in Bengali which says that your forehead should be of three fingers. If it so, it is considered that you are a lucky soul. But how unlucky you can get, if it is more than four … Continue reading

Hair transplantation
A Complete Dissection of Hair Transplantation Surgery

With the matchless benefits revealed about hair transplantation process, it is no more a confusion that a successful hair restoration surgery can do more good than bad to you! \r\n So, if you have developed an utter discontentment towards life … Continue reading

Beard Transplantations
Beard Transplantations for Men Are the Next Big Thing in the Industry

Nowadays, when facial appearance has a direct impact on the social and corporate relationships, it’s not only women who have become conscious of their looks, men have also turned out to be very wide awake of their appearance. \r\n Now, … Continue reading

Which Look Suits Katappa Better-
Top 3 Celebrities Who Have Got an Amazing Look through Hair Transplant Surgery

If you were in such misconception that hair loss is prevalent only among common people, it’s time for you to know that there are a number of Bollywood celebrities who have successfully gone through hair transplantation and are now enjoying … Continue reading


\r\n In this selfie perfect world, the ideal thing that a person is concerned about is his or her beauty. The outward look has become a priority nowadays. People would comment before that ‘beauty is only a skin deep’ which … Continue reading

Selfie Struck this Durga Puja? Consider Hair Transplant for a Picture Perfect Mane

\r\n A few more days to go and the excitement of Durga Pujo will grip us all. \r\n \r\n There will be a lot of pandal hopping, wearing new dresses, dolling up, making your way through crowds, walking on brightly … Continue reading

hair transplant
10 Bollywood Celebrities and Cricketers Hair Transplant Stories

Hair loss is a common problem among everyone especially in males. There is hardly any solution or cure for the hair loss in males. The personality gets damaged with the falling of hair.  Even\r\n\r\nEven among the celebrities this problem is … Continue reading

Hair transplant
An interview with Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia regarding Hair transplant surgery

A one on one conversation with the renowned Dr. Manish Sonthalia who will tell you all about hair transplant surgery and its benefits.\r\n\r\n \r\n Reporter- \r\n Genetic Baldness is a deep rooted problem. It can affect anyone, irrespective of the gender.  … Continue reading

hair -transplant
Hair Transplant: Fastest way to regain hair in 21st century

\r\n In the 21st century where everything gets a remedy in a click and is worked on from the very next moment then why would you leave your appearance, by which you are known to the world? \r\n \r\n Talking … Continue reading

Do you have any questions regarding
3 Questions that is sure to calm you down about Hair Transplant Surgery

Almost about two-thirds of the population suffer from hair loss and go completely hay-wire about its solution until they get literally bald by 35. If medications like Rogaine or Propecia are applied at an early stage of hair loss then … Continue reading

The questions you should ask your hair surgeon before he touches your hair

Nowadays, hair transplantation has become such a trend, that every alternative person who is suffering from a major hair loss is picking up the procedure. \r\n \r\n One should understand that a hair transplantation procedure is a team effort. The … Continue reading

Why are younger lot more into hair transplantation

Younger lot mostly refers to the age where the teens head into the adulthood, mostly in the 20s. In this crucial stage where there is a constant struggle for identity and they have to head to out for their career; … Continue reading

10 Weird Reasons Why You’re Losing Hair, and How to Overcome Them

Ransack the Internet and you’ll come across a hundred reasons of hair loss. Some blame your crazy genes and others relate the trouble to one health disorder or the other. \r\n \r\n However, not many will tell you about the … Continue reading

Don’t Worry! Hair Transplant is Safe and Effective!

Have you recently been advised to undergo hair transplant surgery by your specialist? But, is this the reason why you have started going under acute depression? Are you afraid of the transplantation surgery? Then, you are surely unaware of the … Continue reading

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What Makes Kolkata an Awesome Destination for Hair Transplant Surgeries?

KOLKATA is fast becoming the hottest destination in the country for hair transplant surgeries. The budget friendly medical procedures, the affordable treatment services and the indisputable efficiency of the doctors have made the city all the more welcoming. \r\n Today, … Continue reading

Hair Transplant in India (2)
Should Cost Be The Only Factor When Opting For A Hair Transplant Surgery?

Why India Is the Preferred Medical Tourism Destination for Hair Transplant \r\n According the report of Medical Value Travel in India by KPMG, India ranks among top 3 medical tourism destinations in Asia. Array of reasons is there to earn India this prestigious … Continue reading

Does the Loss of Hair Takes a Toll on your Psychology?

\r\n Hair is considered as a symbol of beauty in almost every society of the world. Luxurious hair is always associated with beauty and youth and a symptom of good health. For many their beauty lies only on the growth … Continue reading

Are you Losing all the More Hair, Thinking which Method to Choose?

After waking up, the first thing quite most of the people do is to check their looks in the mirror, be it men or women. Hair being the prime factor to enhance the look gets the main focus. But when … Continue reading

Hair Transplant: Suffering from Depression due to Hair Loss?

Baldness is one of the major problems faced by people in Kolkata. It can happen at any age irrespective of gender. Hair loss is the first step to baldness, however, baldness is hereditary. Youths facing this problem go through insecurities … Continue reading

Enjoy Hair Transplant in the Most Affordable Price in Kolkata

It’s actually very common to lose a few strands of hair everyday, as it’s nothing but a part of hair renewal process. But, are you experiencing extreme hair loss? Is this the reason why you have lost your total self-confidence? … Continue reading

Hair Transplant- Is it an Affordable Solution?

Hair Transplant Cost in Kolkata, India the best among all \r\nThese days, when men and women alike are paying a great attention to their acute hair loss problems, hair transplantation has become a highly effective solution to opt for. However, … Continue reading

Is OCD and Psychological Disorders Causing Hair Loss?

People already know the common causes of hair loss, but do you know that due to psychological disorder and OCD you can also have immense of hair loss?\r\n\r\nYes! It is true. There are people who do not even know nothing … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Kolkata
Q&A: Hair Loss, Balding, Hair Fall, Hair Transplant- All You Need To Know About It

Suffering from hair problems? Balding, hair loss, hair fall and undergrowth of hair? Bid adieu to the worries as you are not alone! Immense of solutions are available for you to cure your problems regarding hair. Here are some of … Continue reading

Concealing Scar Tissues with Hair Transplant
Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia Speaks About Concealing Scar Tissues with Hair Transplant

Patients often approach me with scarred scalps, and ask whether it’s possible to regrow hair in these areas. – Dr. Maneesh Sonthali \r\n The good news is, it IS! \r\nScarred tissues are usually the result of an operation, a trauma … Continue reading

Hair Loss Statistics, Treatments Cost and Process in India

Hair loss is an upsetting scenario for any person who experiences it. It will have a permanent impact on person’s self confidence, self esteem which will eventually affect their relationships, personal and social life. Looking at yourself going bald day-by-day … Continue reading

Top Hair Transplant Stories of Cricketers, Politicians, Film and Television Celebrities in India with Cost

Did you thought hairless stories are only for common man like you? Hair loss do not discriminate and can knock the door of anyone be it world famous politician, highly acclaimed writer, accomplished actors or celebrity and god like cricketers … Continue reading

Lowest Price Guranteed in India by Hair Transplant Surgery offered in Kolkata

Even a few decades ago, the factors which were not in our control, the systematic advancement in medical sphere has made it very easy as well as attainable. We, at PLCSC Hair Transplant Clinic, offer hair transplant surgery of peerless … Continue reading

Medically Known Causes of Early Hair Loss in Men and Women Validated by Certified Doctor

Both men and women tend to lose hair thickness and amount with age. This type of hair loss usually is not caused by a disease and is related to aging, heredity and changes in the hormone testosterone. Hereditary baldness or … Continue reading

8 Perfect Ways to Fight Heat Damaged Hair

 Is your hair damaged and lusterless? Do you wish to get rid of hideous split-ends? Hair is the biggest asset for both men and women. The texture of the hair is very fragile and using heating tools on a regular … Continue reading

Planning Hair Transplantation Surgery in 2015

Boost Your Confidence Level This Year \r\n More than 70% men experience excess hair loss. The most common reason is male pattern baldness. You may have tried several kinds of products, but none of them actually worked. A head without … Continue reading

The Dangerous Effects of Hair Loss Treatment in Children

Is Hair Loss Treatment Dangerous for Children?\r\n\r\nIs really the use of Minoxidil can have really bad effect on children’s?\r\n\r\nHair loss in children is a very rare phenomenon. It has been found out that almost 2 million children undergo excess hair … Continue reading

Few Bad Hair Habits that You Need to Skip

Are you worried over that fact that your hair is losing the healthy, shiny and beautiful look? Have you got tired over figuring out the prime reason behind it, but not finding any? Have you tried every possible way out, … Continue reading

How to Fight Damaged Hair Caused by Hard Water

Are you frustrated trying out various hair products to fight dull and lusterless hair? \r\n Do you sometimes wonder what could be the reason behind brittle rough hair? \r\n Tried all the products that promises to make your hair shinier … Continue reading

Ten Celebrities Who Have Undergone Hair Transplantation

Take a look at famous celebrities who started losing their hair prematurely but were able to overcome it with the help of advanced Hair Transplant. If your good look is getting hampered due to baldness, don’t worry: you’re not alone. … Continue reading

Is Baldness Related to Prostrate Cancer

\r\n Male with a particular baldness pattern have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer later in life. Men who have reached 45 years of age with moderate baldness in the frontal and crown region are associated to prostate cancer … Continue reading

10 Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Naturally

Do you wish to have a long and lustrous hair? We live in an era where fashion has ruled the world. Beautiful long hair can completely transform your appearance and make you look gorgeous and stylish. If you are looking … Continue reading

Super Foods That Will Make Your Hair Healthy And Lustrous

\r\n\r\nDo you aspire to have a beautiful and shiny hair? Are you tired of trying all sorts of hair products? Then, you probably must be missing out the vital nutrients which are must for healthy hair. Any sort of nutritional … Continue reading

Ultimate Guidelines for Excessive Hair loss

Do you feel the same when you see clumps of hair in your hair brush? This can be the main reason of your bad day. If you are one of them who are undergoing severe hair loss, then this blog … Continue reading

Suffering from Alopecia – Bald Patches? Consider to go through the Remedies!

Alopecia is such a disease that is mostly common in men. However, women and children are also seen to be affected by this syndrome. This medical condition is generally featured by excessive hair loss and projected bald patches. \r\n Several … Continue reading

The Insider’s Guide to Hair Transplant

Are you losing your hair terribly? When you wake up in the morning you see clumps of hair in your pillow? Do you see nightmares imagining yourself getting bald? \r\n\r\n Chief Reasons Behind Excessive Hair Fall \r\n Most of the … Continue reading

Does Beer Really helps in hair Growth?? Unheard Facts (Inside)

Marketed products may not work like the way normal beer does. Because it has several other products included. \r\n \r\n Do you want to know about the usage of beer in making the hair shiny? Are you looking for proper … Continue reading

A Remarkable Formula to Get Rid of Baldness

Baldness, partial baldness or receding hair line has become a common problem among people of all age. But with the improvement of medical technology getting rid of problem, that is spoiling your personality is, easy. Want to know about it, … Continue reading

Say Bye to the Monsoon Hair Problems and Have a Unique Look for this Festive Season

During the monsoon season, we tend to overlook our hair and this is the main reason that causes hair fall and several other hair problems. It is very crucial to take care of your hair during the monsoon season. \r\n … Continue reading

Say No to Hair Loss and Give Your Hair an Attractive Look this Monsoon

Problems like frizzy hair, dull and tangled hair increases in the Monsoon season as the rate of humidity gets maximized. Along with these problems hair loss also gears up in this type of weather. Worried about  flaunting the best look … Continue reading

Are You the Suitable Candidate for a Permanent Hair Transplant Surgery?

Losing hair can be very upsetting and distressing for both men and women as it spoils the overall appearance and personality. For those facing such problems can go for permanent hair transplant but you need to consult your surgeon first … Continue reading

Perfect Way to Get Healthy Hair Naturally

Beautiful lush hair can always help you to become a style statement and you can turn heads. For this you need to take good care of your hair so that it doesn’t become brittle and lusterless. Curly and bouncy hair … Continue reading

Hair Transplant Works, See Who Used it in Bollywood and Hollywood

The success rate of hair transplantation \r\n Yes. Many men and women has gained back their usual self after completing hair transplantation procedure. One must know about the hair transplant before they avail this service for their advantage. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n Know … Continue reading

Overcome hair loss
Bid Goodbye to Hair Problems The Natural Way!

We all love to flaunt those long curls and show off our bouncy tresses. \r\n We die to style our hair like we see our favorite celebrities do. But how many of us are actually lucky enough to have thick … Continue reading

The Natural Way to Combat Gray Hair – 5 Quick Tips

If you are facing problems like hair graying, then you can read through the following column. The column lists 5 easy steps that will help to ace the war with gray hair and delay graying for few more years. \r\n … Continue reading

Habibs Henna
Top 4 Hair Products For Indian Hair

Hair is very important to us and we try to take care of it immensely, but have you ever noted that the product you are using is good or bad for your health. We have tried to list 4 such … Continue reading

Mistakes You Need To Avoid In Order to Have Healthy and Beautiful Hair!!

Personality and appearance matter to a great extent in the present world. A correct hairstyle can play a decisive part in providing you a confident look that you cannot hide. We like to flaunt celebs like hairstyles to have the … Continue reading

Is SEX related to Hair Loss???

Hair Loss is a grave problem for a number of individuals. A variety of reasons are there for hair loss.  Nonetheless, have you ever tried to ponder upon the fact that various kinds of sexual activities can also be responsible … Continue reading

Food to avoid
Say Bye Bye to Hair Loss by Following these Authentic Measures

Are you done and dusted with all the remedies that could possibly prevent our hair fall? Have you tried and tested all the brands of shampoo, oil and hair fall control serums? Did the hair growth pills and medicines do … Continue reading

Care for your beautiful hair – Go for transplantation and let it become Beautiful again

Planning to do hair transplant surgery? Are you suffering from hair loss? Well, if so, then this has actually become very popular since it is a great way to restore your hair growth.\r\nIt is the men who are suffering from … Continue reading

Know More About Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

You must have extensively read about hair transplant. However, we often miss out on knowing who is operating us. It is very important to have all the information about your hair transplant surgeon. Continue reading

Beat the fear of hair transplant surgery – Emerge victorious

\r\n Let’s face the truth – beauty dominates the world. In spite of being a topic of debate and different individual having a different standpoint, the truth remains the same – looks affect your intellect while character affects your soul. … Continue reading

An Insight into Male Pattern Baldness

Hair Transplant in Earlier Days \r\n Modern hair surgical techniques especially hair transplant has had a chequered graph. Even the latest hair grafting and follicular transplant methods are undergoing rapid advances. The human race had been and is still being … Continue reading

Hair Transplantation Surgery – How Does The Treatment Actually Work?

When you notice a receding hairline in the mirror, it’s pretty simple to disregard the condition and try to act as if nothing happened. However, there comes a point in life when ignorance is no longer an option, and you … Continue reading

Common Myths About Hair Transplant Surgery – A Quick Look

Hair loss or baldness is a big problem these days. Although there are some limitations to this treatment, some baseless transplant myths are associated with it as well. Let’s take a look at some of them. Continue reading

Hair transplant treatments – Exploring the benefits and drawbacks

Before you get started with the process of surgery, let’s take a look at both the positive and negative sides of the treatment. Continue reading

Hair Restoration Informational Resources

The following hair loss web sites are provided for information purposes only. We do not necessarily endorse any of their content or their advertisers. Continue reading

Say Goodbye To Social Embarrassment

Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia and his group of trained surgeons are here to give you efficient follicle transplant treatments. The process is extremely hassle-free and the results are incredibly natural. Continue reading

Give Baldness a Thumbs Down

Baldness has been viewed by many as an indispensable part of their existence. Thanks to development in medicinal technology, hair grafting treatments have a magical effect on your overall looks and personality. Continue reading

Gear Up For A New Life With Hair Transplant Treatments

Are you tired of using those regular hair masks, gels and other cosmetics to regain your vibrant look? Do you suffer from insomnia due to constant hair loss troubles? If your answer is yes, it’s time to sit up and take some constructive initiatives about hair transplant in India. Continue reading

The increasing popularity of hair transplant in Kolkata today

Being bald can be pretty embarrassing for an individual and this can also make him disconnect from the society. Many seek for different hair regeneration solutions, but very few gives desired results. But of all these hair transplant has proved to be the most efficacious. Continue reading

Beautiful hair escalates one’s magnificent looks

Our hair holds an important place when it comes to look pleasant. Without beautiful hair one can never look gorgeous and attractive. Hence it is important to maintain and take care of your hair. Continue reading

Reasons Why Men Go For Hair Transplant Surgery

Why would men go for top hair transplant in Kolkata, India when they always have the option to go bald? Continue reading

Are You Going Bald?

Of course, the bald look is really “in” and so everyone is going bald. It’s now socially acceptable. Be it men or women, everyone is now experimenting with the bald look. Despite the popularity of the bald look, it is a fact that men suffer emotionally from hair loss problems. Thus, hair transplant surgery has become very popular among men all throughout the world. Continue reading